Our Story

We’re all about coffee + being caffeinated

No decafs, no beers, just coffee and art! And more deliciousness of course ;) It’s pretty amazing (if we say so ourselves). Walk in and taste our private label specialty coffee at our downtown cafe. It’s sort of the best kept secret of Maastricht, a hide-away, an urban jungle: ERIX espresso bar + art gallery.


ERIX Coffee Gallery offers a platform to budding artists, in order to create engagement with their future clients, while they stimulate their senses, through coffee, food and art.


We believe that young artists have a hard time getting their foot between the door. Artists, be it established or graduated, often find themselves not being offered the opportunities they deserve. An art gallery charges rental space, exhibition production costs don’t outweigh the profits, or a lack of a business mindset or network contribute to these artists inability to get their work seen and sold. Let’s be honest, they need to survive in a harsh world where a major part of the their time is about survival instead of creating. And they’re best when creating!


We want you to be caffeinated! For us this means providing people the energy and inspiration to achieve their dreams and follow their passions. Those bursts of energy where you feel you can conquer the world, work twenty-four hours without a break, just because you love what you do – in the moment. That is what we set out to achieve with ERIX. For you to be caffeinated and find happiness in what you do – day in and out.


We love to do what we do, because feeling inspired and energized is the best feeling in the world. Through talks, creativity and excitement we intend to deliver on that promise. In our stores you’ll experience the passion and craftsmanship behind our coffee and our people. And if you’re not caffeinated enough yet, you can take it all home with you! Settle on a subscription package or take home the art that touched you in ways you never knew existed. Of course we go further in delivering on our promise! You will find us at events or in your boardroom. And if you’d like, let’s go crazy, take the boardroom or the events to our stores.


Happiness is no bubble. Happiness is tons of bubbles! Come over and get a taste of the excitement, get caffeinated.


Our people are the kindest, most hard working and talented in the business. We’re an impossibly eclectic group of coffee experts, artists, writers, sensory scientists, bakers, designers, and all-around dreamers. Join us.

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